EMO Wallet

EMO Wallet

EMO Wallet is Wallet Operating System that will be focus on advanced security system to the wallet. A simple SDK library that automatically extends your app to organize and protect all your secret information on your device.

On EMO Wallet app, we will be building an entire ecosystem where our users will have access to end number of products and services, which today are limited or unavailable in other wallets. User will be able to buy and sell crypto, play games, DeFi solutions, shop online, all in a seamless and secure manner with full anonymity and secured privacy.

Key Feature of EMO Wallet


iOS and Android SDK

Faster Transactions

Sign Transactions

Trigger Smart Contracts


Send and Receive Funds

Multi Token Staking

Support of Multiple Blockchain

P2P buy and sell

Web Browser

Decentralized Exchange

Secure, encrypt and protect your Secret information

Store mnemonics, private keys, api keys, cold wallets

Create and restore crypto accounts

Option to encrypt and decrypt user data

On EMO Wallet we will constantly exploring new kinds of services and products which can be included to increase the demand and of the growing community globally. It will help in bringing crypto friendly solutions to the consumers and will help in creating usability of the currency.

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