EMO Bank

The combination of Blockchain Technology and Banking – we at EMO Bank aim to “bridge the gap’ between  those who have access to finance and whose without by redefining finance for the new economy by building a pioneering technology between the digital currency and traditional currency. EMO Bank aims to provide new medium of Decentralized Finance, improve their access to Loans, Earning Money through Staking, General and Life Insurances, fast and affordable withdrawals with multi use crypto debit card system.

With the integration to Emocoin, EMO Bank seek to open the world’s economic potential by providing a new blockchain-backed banking system that gives more control to individuals over their finances. It not only makes banking decentralized but also adds security to the finances.

What do we hope to achieve?

  • Decentralized Banking.
  • Participants earning EMO’s as per their staked EMO’s.
  • Border Free Loans accessible to all.
  • Enable fast and secure payments
Why We Matter

The global financial institution is structured, which makes it harder for individuals to look for options. EMO Bank is an option to look for: it gives people what they deserve by giving them financial control of their investments. Through our platform, individuals get financial freedom and the opportunity to earn more money through lending and borrowing.

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